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Tips on how to shave

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A man looks perfect when he is well groomed which includes a perfect shave.Its a daily routine in a mans life.Shaving does not include on removing the facial hairs but also plays role in maintaining the skin healthy,a wrong way of shaving can harm your skin so you need to be very careful and sensitive on shaving.So loosen up your pocket to buy a best razor.Follow these tips to get a best shave.

For many women, the armpits can be an embarrassing area of the body to show off or display. This is especially true when there is hair growing there. Excess hair there can mean more perspiration and bacteria as well as body odor. Several ladies rely on shaving to remove this unwanted body hair since this is a quick and relatively easy technique. However, there are some tricks to the art of shaving. The underarms have unique contours to work around and insufficient lathering could lead to razor bumps. For getting the cleanest and closest shave, follow these tips.


First, hop in the shower. Turn the water to a warm temperature. Wash your armpits before shaving them. This will soften up your skin and hairs as well as remove deodorant or other products. Now it’s time to gather a lather on your underarms. Lift up your arm and rest your hand on the nape of your neck. This technique allows your armpit to be flat and exposed for shaving. For creating suds, soap and water should do the trick. Some women recommend shaving gel or cream to apply to the armpits. You should leave these products on for a minute so they will have time to soften your underarm hairs.

Additionally, a good group of suds will improve friction and decrease the likelihood of getting cut. As another suggestion, you can put on hair conditioner that has moisturizing properties. This is recommended since it will soften the hair and form a slippery surface for easy gliding.


Then pick up your razor. It should have multiple blades and a handle that is comfortable for easy maneuvering. One rule to the art of shaving is to make sure your blades are sharp, since dull blades lead to nicks and cuts. Additionally, the blades should be clean to avoid clogging. Resume your position you had for gathering suds. Pull your right armpit’s skin back in the direction of your chest with your right hand’s thumb. Gently drag the razor in short vertical strokes. Go every direction since the grain of your hairs will run different ways. Between each stroke, rinse the blade in warm water to clear it of hair and other particles. When all hair is eliminated for one underarm, repeat these steps for the other armpit. When you’re done with both underarms, rinse them in warm water. When you’re out of the shower, pat the underarms with a dry towel. Refrain from putting on deodorant immediately after shaving since this may cause irritation.